Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby, Baby

I finally got a chance to enjoy my Great Nephew when he brought his parents to see the Grandparents last Saturday. My brother, the Grampy, wanted to charge me admission for the privilege of meeting and greeting the baby. I rose up and told him, well actually told Grammy over the phone, that --2 sweaters and 2 blankies--I've paid my admission. He decided maybe I had. I will be posting pictures as I forgot to bring my camera to the library today. Since hi-speed wireless beats accelerated dial-up any day, I usually do my blogging here on my days off. I even got one of G-Nephew initiating Grampy by crapping all over him. (Darling little child.)
This week we are starting our monthly cousins lunch at the time I usually have "Dinner With the Aunts". Since one aunt hasn't been coming since she broke her wrist and pulled a back muscle, and another friend is on vacation in the diamond mines of Arkansas, and one cousin just had a liver transplant, we may be a smaller group. We may even let the men come this time.
By te way, thanks for the prayers for my cousin who had the transplant. She is doing okay and I bought some yarn for a prayer shawl. At the present she is still in isolation, so I have some time to finish a few other projects before making that my main emphasis. It is some Lion's Brand Homespun in a creamy white with touches of pink and blue. Again the picture is still trapped in my camera.
Have I shared a recent picture of the shawl I am going to sell for funds for the church kitchen? I am pluggin away, it is great tv watchin knitting, but is going to be getting too warm to keep on the lap before long. I may have to even break out the AC before long. I will have to turn to the socks for more concentrated knitting. The blue-green socks are looking good and are past the heel. Once I finish this and start the second sock I can start browsing the stash and patterns for the next pair.

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