Thursday, April 17, 2008

Summer at Last?

Can it be true? Is this finally Summer? Apparently Michigan has once again jumped past spring and plopped into summer. Temps in the 70's yesterday and close to there again today.
I got a call Tuesday that the knit club was meeting again. Or perhaps still, in a new location. I'm not sure which, but I have not been there since January, when Spinning Guild ended. And even better, it is actually a knit and spin night. So I can bring my wheel and get caught up on my spinning again.
I also have plans for the boys room. Since Older Son is supposed to be moving to the house on the new farm his boss bought, and Younger Son is talking of moving in with another friend, once he graduates--I am thinking "Craft Room." I can just see it now, tubs of roving along one wall, more tubs of yarn stash along another. My blocking board and wires leaning against the other. And their Dish hookup transferred to my bedroom. I may even have more room for more stash.

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. It is beginning to be spring here in the south. I live in Lou. Ky so the Derby is coming up. All the dogwoods and other trees are blooming. Your shawl is really pretty and I like the cow.
I like the idea of signing the walls in your new church addition. Have a good weekend, Colleen