Monday, December 28, 2015

The Wind

So here I sit, waiting for the power to out again. This time, I have extra water, to drink and flush with. All devices are charged to the max. I have a flashlight and a battery operated lantern nearby. Younger Son got someone else to take him to work. I am hoping he gets far enough ahead so he can catch a ride home with one of the second shift workers.

And, being Monday, in spite of the horrid weather, Hubby went to the livestock auction. I can only hope he makes it back home in one piece.

I didn't share any pictures of Christmas I guess, only the knitting. In the non-knitting realm, Little Farmer enjoyed his mega blocks, if only to take them out of the wagon, one by one.

Luckily, when you pull the wagon over the blocks, it rakes them into the wagon. He did the taking out and let Daddy do the raking up.

But what he really was impatient for was a ride in the skidsteer with his daddy.

After the boot got pulled back on though. Then they were off.

At home, gifts were opened and enjoyed as well as a wonderful ham. Younger Son had wanted an old school Nintendo with a Super Mario game. He took it to his friends to play with and has hardly stopped playing all weekend.

As for me, I worked mightily on my Navy Tweed Vest, and am caught up with the Scoreboard Cowl as well. Only one game left to add to that and then I will be joining top to bottom. I think I will pick up the stitches from the provisional cast on and then do a 3-needle bind off. The ridge from that will be a nice way to help define the season beginning and end. I am almost afraid to see just how long this is going to be when done. I haven't seen it stretched out since I tucked it into the plastic bag several weeks ago.

But this look down into the bag was from before I finished last week's game, so at least a game and a half more now, plus this coming weekend's game to add to it. There looks like several folds stacked up in there. I will definitely be able to wrap it around once or twice.

And it is barely possible that I cast on for a Hitchhiker shawl/scarf.

Hey, I think the wind shifted. It isn't hitting our east windows quite so hard now. Yea!

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