Friday, December 25, 2015

Stealthy No More #1

After a great Christmas today, I can reveal all. Gifts have been given and received so it is time for some knitterly pictures.

Some may remember this picture I posted before Thanksgiving, with what I later noticed were miscrossed cables. I used the pattern The Wise Old Old Hat, Adult version, and the magic loop method. The yarn is Cascade 128 Superwash and it took just under one skein. And inspite of the miscrossed cable, it was an easy, fun knit.

I discovered my mistake before going any further and was able to correct it by just dropping down the stitches involved and correcting the twist.

After shaping and finishing, complete with eyes, my I present the Teal Owly Hat, made for Lil Farm gal.

And it fits and everything.

More on other gift knitting in another post.


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