Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On to New Knitting

The knitting is finished, at least for Christmas. Everything is wrapped but posting pictures will need to wait until after the gifting is over. Old projects have been picked back up and worked on.

But...I did swatch for a vest out of the navy blue tweed yarn I found in the wool room.

Since the yarn is machine washable, I vigorously hand washed and then dried in the dryer. I measured the swatch before and after washing and drying. Then I went into the Custom Fit website and generated a pattern to match my swatch. It is going to be a cardigan style vee-neck vest. I think I will forego buttonholes. I have a neat button that I think I will use with a loop style button fastener. If I have enough yarn for that.

Since I also weighed the dried swatch on my digital postal scales, after giving the total dimensions, the finished pattern also gave me an estimated yardage needed. I am hoping that the strings contributed enough weight to make the website estimate more yarn than actually needed.

The estimated required yardage is 1217. I have 1200, minus the yarn used for the swatch. I may be playing yarn chicken on this project. See what I mean about having enough yarn for a loop closure?

I wonder how a contrasting button band and neck band would look? For that matter, I don't t think a different dye lot would be too noticeable on the front bands and the sleeve edgings.

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