Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Already? Yikes!

Is Christmas really next week? I have some fancy knitting to get done. I have made the decision that my current project will have to be my last bit of Christmas knitting. I still have some finishing work to do on the last gift as well.

Of course the Scoreboard Cowl took a big bite of Sunday and Monday knitting time. I have decided, reluctantly, that this weekend's scoring will need to wait until all holiday knitting is complete. Plus I need to schedule my wrapping day soon. A chunk of Friday is missing because I have to sit on the township Board of Review as well. Tomorrow is my Grammy day with Little Farmer, and Thursday is Bible Study. I need to hurry! Where did all the time go?

The Scoreboard Cowl has been growing. This photo shows the last couple weeks Lions games immortalized in yarn. I haven't looked at the whole thing since packaging it up in the bag for easier knitting.

During the time between knitting and the next game, it sits tightly wrapped up.

I am almost afraid to see just how long it is. And if I read the schedule correctly, there are still three more games left. It will definitely be long enough to wrap around neck and head.

If this stupid weather ever gets cold enough to wear it.

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