Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stealthy No More the End

The last of my Christmas knitting did appear in a Fre preliminary pictures. But the pictures in no way resembled the final gift.

There was one picture similar to this:

And later it looked like this:

Yes, that is grafting being done there. I do it with a knitting method, instead of sewing method.

A few more items were needed.

And, after adding a peaked beak, it is nearly recognizable.

You got it. An owl , the big Beige Owl for Lil Farm Gal. The pattern is Big Snowy Owl on Ravelry and was made with Encore Mega, with scraps from the previously shown Mary Janes and Owly Hat.

Rather regal I think.

Originally I had planned other knitting, but in the name of sleep and sanity, I pared the list down. All in all though, not too bad a batch of knitting.

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