Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stealthy No More #2

Another one of my gift knitting items also made a couple sneak appearances on this blog.

These slippers were from the pattern named Leethal Mary Janes and were made for my daughter-in-law. I made them to more or less fit my feet, but a bit longer. I think they should fit fine since the garter stitch which makes up most of the foot is very stretchy.

They were knit with one strand of Plymouth Encore Mega in a black/gray and two strands of Encore worsted in the same silver that has been appearing in the Scoreboard Cowl.

The strap isn't buttoned, but sewn down with a button merely for decoration. These buttons looked perfect on the card. But next to the yarn they looked more brown so were replaced with plain black buttons.

Notice the large button canister in background. The plastic box on top holds the buttons and other fasteners. You can see I do have a good stash of random buttons to choose from.

Another present that I do want to mention, even though I think I already showed them here are the boot toppers I made for a teenager at church.

More stealth knitting with the last present tomorrow.

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