Thursday, December 24, 2015


A rather gusty night we had last night around the old farmstead. At midnight, in the middle of "High Society" that was being dvr'd, our lights went out.

And, even though we heat with wood, we rely on electricity to pump the water through the heat exchanger to heat the house. And pump the water. AND MAKE COFFEE!

And just now 20 hours later, it has come back. Whir of the fridge, whoosh of the furnace blowing sweet heat. Click of television, beeping of microwave. The lights! The satellite! It's back, all back.

I can take a shower, once the water heats, and watch my movies. Bliss.

Before long I can start shedding layers of wool. (There is a long sleeved turtleneck under all that wonderful wool too.)

I mentioned to someone today that I could be perfectly happy without power I'd only I could watch tv. Hey, the simple pleasures of life--wool and television.

And maybe heat.

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