Friday, December 4, 2015

Blazing Needles

You can tell I must be busy when I do not show up here very often. The reason right now is Christmas knitting.

One boot topper is cast off and the second is in progress. With only two rows with the cabling, it can go quickly. Especially now that I am doing them with magic loop.

With the second one going quickly, I can try to decide which project is next in queue. I am leaning toward a pair of slippers called Leethal Mary Janes. I have black and silver Encore Mega, I think, and another skein of the silver I am using on the Scoreboard Cowl. It will be knit with a strand of both. There will be silver left over, in case I need it for the cowl. The pattern is the top one on the pile I shared last time.

And speaking of the cowl, the Lions played last night. So tonight's knitting will focus on finishing the knitting scoring from last night. A loss, I might add. Then back to boot topper number two.

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