Thursday, September 24, 2015

What a Week

In my last post I mentioned how I had stopped in at my aunt's house for a short visit before heading home after the cemetery visit. She was a bit tired from doing the laundry, but cheerful and as typical for her, going a mile a minute. Nothing was slowing her down.

Shown below, on the left, this 93 year old lady is a force to be recommend with.

She is my favorite Aunt, and unless my cousin Betty Ann is around, I am her favorite niece. If Betty Ann is around, then we are tied. (If just she is with Aunt Glenna, then I let her hold the title.) She is on the left below here.

Unfortunately, now something is slowing down my favorite aunt.

On the next day after I was there, she fell and broke her hip.

Since then surgery has ensued and one day later they are talking about sending her rehab already. Before you know it, she will probably be back in action. But, maybe not driving for a while. Someone has both sets of keys for now. (Whew!)

As this five generation picture, taken at a recent football game where her great-grandson was playing, she is captured perfectly. Full of vim, vigor and the zest of life.

I am confident she will be back in action soon.

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