Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 Lions Scoreboard Cowl Cast On

With the release of the pattern, I cast on for my Scoreboard Cowl. Lining up matching 16 inch size 7 needles was tricky. Then with only 80 stitches, they seemed right. So, since now I kno how to do Magic Loop, I decided to transfer them to a longer needle.

The cast on is done with a provisional cast-on, shown in red below.

I used a new-to-me provisional cast on, crotcheting the stitches onto the needle with the waste yarn. I probably should have used the cotton yarn. Red Lamb's Pride is a bit fuzzy and the red is already shedding into the charcoal.

The tapestry needle shown above is a lifeline, running through the first row of the charcoal yarn. It should make picking up the live stitches easier when the red yarn is unraveled away. I knit three rows of charcoal here at the beginning. When knitting with the charcoal as a game divider, I will probably do three rows, with the secondary purl bump row for texture. Because this is the divider between seasons beginning and end, I will have more divider rows.

Red provisional, white lifeline, and charcoal season's rows. And the pattern lists a website to catch the scoring breakdown, if my friend cannot get them.

Ready for the first game.

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