Friday, September 25, 2015

Harvest Time

This time of year tractors, trucks, and choppers can be seen all around the country roads. Harvest season has begun. The choppers and combines may take up the roads this time of year, but be please patient with them. They are helping to put your meals on your table as they harvest feed for cattle.

One happy side effect is that the rural intersections that have been partly obscured by towering corn stalks as summer waned are becoming clear once again as the chopping corn is chopped into silage. I love being able to see what is coming around the corners before I get to them.

When all that chopped corn is packed into firm piles of feed for for the cattle to eat, it is covered with plastic and tires. If any of my readers ever wondered about about that plastic and tires, here is a link to a great blog post by a Wisconsin dairy farm chick. She explains the process. I even learned a bit myself.

Oh yes, just so you know, there is "chopping" corn and "picking" corn. Chopping corn retains some of the plant's moisture. The whole stalk is chopped for the silage. Picking corn drys down. When the cob and kernels have dried down, combines pick the corn and shell the kernels from the cobs. The stalks are left in the fields. This shelled corn is also fed or can be sold.

This has been a public service announcement for all you non-farmers.


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