Friday, September 18, 2015

Knit On

The unending story of the Gray Spiral Blankie continues, slowly. The knitting part is t that slow, but when you need to knit 16 stitches for every one cast off, out of 532 stitches, it just takes a while. Plus, every ten rows I add a couple of 4 stitch short rows, just to keep it interesting. Well, it tends to make for a long haul.

Here is how it looked at Knit Nite.

Along the top, you can see the sideways border that is the garter cast off. I have knit past this point, but not much farther that night. I lost the small needle I use, in a larger size for the cast off. So no knitting on that.

As a true, prepared knitter, I pulled out one of my spare projects (3) and cast off the bottom of of the purple swing cardigan.

It is currently awaiting a place back in the rotation for picking up the sleeve stitches and getting ready for my grand niece due in about, yikes! One month! I better get cracking. It also needs the collar folded and stitched, with a ribbon tie inserted.

The Lavender Lace Cardi has farther to go and will be in the knitting rotation once either the blankie or Swing Cardi is finished. That sweater may be in time for Christmas gifting.


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