Monday, September 7, 2015

Progress. The End Is Sight

I have continued knitting away on the Gray Spiral Blankie and am now finally on the last increase section. That means seven more rounds before the pattern is done. I am considering doing one row of plain knitting, removing the markers, before I change the bind off to a sideways garter stitch bind off over what will then be a total of 532 stitches.


I would like to finish it this week, so I can concentrate on the baby sweaters as well as my cowl and finish the Oatmeal Vest. Hmmm. With that many stitches, maybe two weeks.

This was also the day for my monthly lunch with my owly loving friend Sandy. I guess we may be a bit obvious about our love of owls when another friend who doesn't even know her purchases an owl for her. But, I might add, Sandy loved it.

It's nice to have friends as crazy as I am.

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