Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never a Dull Moment

This past weekend Hubby drafted my help in cutting down some trees.  Well, it was supposed to be some, but we only got one done.  The trees were in my brother's neighbor so I got a time for a bit of chatting with some of my grand-nephews and favorite sweater recipients.
I am not used to that kind of work.  I was saw-dusty, and several of my muscles were quite upset with me and let me know the next day.
Hubby, tree cutting last fall at my brother's home.
 There were some large pieces that were left that wouldn't fit on the truck.  So the next day, Hubby went back to pick them up, with the horse trailer.  Being lower, he could just roll them on the trailer with a small ramp.  However, for some reason when he got there, it was very hard to backup into their drive. He finally made it however and loaded the wood.  
When he got ready to leave, Hubby noticed one of the tires was flat.  The family was gone, so he left, with the trailer blocking the garage, intending to come Monday to remove the tire and get it fixed.
I convinced him that we better go back and at least move it out a bit so they could get in and out of their garage. 
We went later that evening.  While jacking the trailer up, the tire went no where.  The front of the two tires actually went up before the back, flat one.  Hmmmm.  
The family were home this time, and got another jack.  With some bracing, and after hooking the truck up to the trailer, we found the spring had broken.  That had cut the wall of the tire.   (Suddenly the free wood wasn't looking so cheap.)
So, finally a tire was obtained.  Not a great tire, but the only one available in the whole town that size.  A friend of our son's owns a welding shop and will be coming with his portable welder and hopeful find enough metal to weld the spring back up so we can get the trailer either home or to his shop.  And out of their driveway.
I just thankful that it didn't happen Monday, when Hubby was planning to take it to the cattle auction, and bringing home a feeder sized beef cow.

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