Monday, May 19, 2014

Back In The Lineup

Lil' Farm Gal's Eyelet Yoke Cardigan is back in the knitting rotation.  But not without torment and fretting.
Finally, I bit the bullet.  This shows the sleeve before taking action.
Then I ruthlessly pulled out the needles.  But before the frogging began, I started picking up stitches from just above the first sleeve row that had been knit.  The little white and orange markers show the last yoke row, that I use to measure length from.
Here you can see the stitches picked up just above the markers.  I go slow the last row or so of pulling out the knitting, because I usually slide up or down a row when picking up the stitches, but this is much easier going than unknitting all that distance.  And quick as that, I'm back where I started.
I picked up an extra 8 stitches for 66 rather than 58 for the sleeve. I feel much more comfortable with the diameter now.  It is closer to the diagram of what it should be.
And I remembered to make notes to make the other sleeve match.  Always a good plan.

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