Friday, May 16, 2014

Lace Prep

I haven't started the lace projects, or even decided which of the lace shawls I mentioned in my last post will be my lacy shawl  project.  But before I go to far on it, I need to do something about when it is finished and ready for blocking.
Many of my knitting cronies from Knit Nite laugh mightily about my obsession with swatching before a project and constantly checking my gauge during knitting.  They also are rather lackadaisical about blocking.  I know that I am not as adamant about blocking as I should be, but before I go too far along on my lace shawl, I need to make a blocking frame.
The purpose, for non-knitters, of such a frame is to stretch out the knitting and really enhance the lace and open it up.  For most blocking, like sweaters and such, I can lay them out on the bed with a fan blowing on it, and hope it drys before bed time.  But with the frame I can stretch the lace out and even take it out to let
If you enter "lace blocking frame" into your favorite search engine, you can see many images of what I want to make.  I saw this link first and was ready to purchase supplies for it.  Nails and boards and such, a few small bolts and wing nuts.  Plywood I could find around the house.
But then I clicked on another link.
PVC!  What a great idea!  It might take more time lacing it to the pipes, without the nails, but I think it would work.  And if I want to take it outside to dry, it would probably be lighter and easier to move.  I think I will be looking into the cost of pipes and connectors.  If I use four foot lengths, it should make a plenty big enough octagon, and the can be connected end to end to make it long enough for a rectangle shawl.
And while you are googling around, try searching "wooly board frame", and check out the images.  I don't think I will get that fussy on blocking my sweaters.

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