Saturday, May 17, 2014

Time Out to Think Things Over

I finished the body of Lil Farm Gal's sweater. I closed it with some mini hair clips to take this picture.

I use them to hold knitting together when seaming. When the sweater is finished, it will be wider with the front bands.

It seems to be coming along okay. Except, now that I have worked a couple inches of the first sleeve it is too narrow. I hit gauge ok, I have the right amount of stitches, but it is narrow when compared to the schematic. So the question now I continue? Do I rip out the entire body back to the arm divide and increase a view more stitches into the sleeve?

Maybe I can just rip out the sleeve and pick up extra stitches. I could get enough for an extra inch or so there. So I need to think it over and make a decision while I knit something else.

So the sweater is sitting in time out.

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