Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pass Off Complete. Onward!

The blankie and vest were packaged up with my usual fancy wrapping (a plastic Walmart bag) and read for deliver.  I did manage to get a picture of both together at Knit Nite last Tuesday.  Take a good look, that's probably the last I will show or see them.
You can tell the yarn for the vest was different from the yarn used on the blankie.  But for casual use, they are fine.  I hope.
Ever onward, I returned to Lil' Farm Gal's Eyelet Yoke Cardigan.  After frogging it earlier in the week and casting on again with a different provisional cast on, I am again past the third eyelet row.  Of course, like the blankie, the rows get longer and longer.  There are only one or two more increase rows, but they really pack on the stitches.
And I might say that my fingers are very happy to kiss the 100% acrylic good bye.  While this is machine washable, at least it is a wool blend.  
And as usual at this point, I am contemplating new projects for travel knitting.  I can use the neglected SWestie shawl, that is manageable, and fairly brainless. That is less than half done. 
As long as I don't lose the markers it is easy going.  Maybe I will attach a string to them to weave through and hold them on.  But I do need to get a set of socks back on the needles too, besides the pair I leave in the car for random periods of waiting.  I am contemplating two patterns, and I will make a decision once I get some WIP tubes, or at least something to protect the points of the sock needles from poking through bags, as well as hold the stitches on the needles when the silly knitter snatches the sock from the knitting bag. 
And while, I have the above sweater to knit, as well as one or two I have been mulling over for myself, I have been inspired by the two blankie projects to finally attempt a lace weight square Shetland style stole.  Out of wool of course.  I have pulled out my stitch pattern books, and Shetland knitting books and am drooling over..... oops, I mean studying them.  I want to do a center square, probably garter, and certainly an all over pattern, not sure yet if I want to go corner to corner, or not.  That square will be followed by another pattern, going around the square.  I am leaning to feather and fan or some such pattern with a moving pattern.  And then I will polish it off with a lace.  Contrary to the complaints about the length of time it takes, it really isn't that hard to do a sideways lace as your bind off.  As long as I have presence of mind to choose a reasonable lace pattern.  I have that really call to me. 
Then there is this crazy part of me that wants to do the same shawl, but only triangular instead of square: half the yarn and knitting, all the pleasure, and not too hot to wear.  
Well, I should have some time to mull this over, since I have a few projects ahead of it. 

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