Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I have reached the bottom ribbing of the sweater for Lil' Farm Gal. While the pattern calls for the sleeves next, I think that I may put the neck stitches and finish that off.  It to have the back of the neck raised and then ribbing and bind off.  Since the stitches were a provisionally cast on, I can get them off the cable they are waiting on.  I think then pictures will work better.  Then sleeves and the front bands will finish it up.  Which means.....
Trying to decide what to cast on next.  Whooo hoo!
I want to start a cardigan with my wonderful Plum Cake yarn I purchased this summer.
I have ideas in my head for what I want: stockinette top, with set in sleeves, and lace below the arm divide, once I get past bust shaping.  Trying to decide if I want to free-form it, with a basic recipe, or if I want to try to find a pattern to blindly follow.  
Yeah, like I would blindly follow it anyway. 
And of course, I want to work on a Shetland style shawl, probably using one of my cones of lace or fingering weight yarn.  Maybe while working on the sweater I can sketch out and plan for my shawl.  Then if it gets too hot to work comfortably on the sweater, I can switch to the shawl.  Even in fingering weight, when it is in wool, and in my size, it can get pretty warm on the lap. 
There is also a circular shawl pattern or two I really that I could jump right into.  And if I do, I just might use this.
I estimate it to be about 2000 yards.  Isn't it lovely?

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