Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Changes in Store

Change is around the corner. I would like to remind my readers that I enjoy the winter and cold. I don't mind spring too much. But after a couple of frost advisories these couple nights, the coming forecast sounds miserable.....possibly 80 and humid is just too much. Obviously time to get the AC back in the window. Such weather is too much of a change for me.

At least I am knitting smaller pieces though. The Eyelet Yoke Cardigan for Lil Farm Gal is past the sleeve divide.

I have finished the eyelet rows and have worked about three inches further than shown. I need a little over seven more so it is mindless knitting. I have to watch that the yarn doesn't split though. I have had to drop a stitch down several rows in a couple places when I found I only had knit through a single ply. That's an easy fix, especially with a crochet hook handy.

This picture shows the eyelet rows better. My pattern was 8 rows stockinette, followed by a knit row on the wrong side. Then just "knit 2 together, yarn over" across the next row. Now that I am past the yoke it will be plain stockinette for the body. I am using Ann Budd's great book "The Knitter's Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters". Unlike the doll sweater I styled it after, this will probably have ribbed collar and bottom..

Since this sweater and my SWestie shawl are now going well, I guess it is time to cast on a pair of socks. I decided on a free pattern called Hermione's Everyday Socks. I couldn't copy a link, but you can find it online.

I forgot what the yarn was, so I pulled out the label. I had guessed colorway and source. The color is Spuomi, and it came from Yarn Hollow, one of my favorite local dyers. The yarn is Chrome, half merino super wash (yummy soft) and half tencel, for shine.

I gotta go cast on.

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