Monday, April 28, 2014

Reviewing My WIPs List

The Mitered Lace Blankie came off the needles this evening. I can't decide which project to turn to next.

This lace blanket was my eleventh finished project for 2014. I am slightly impressed with myself.

It was a bit of a new style for me. I really Iike the way these last two baby blankies came out. I think after these, I have the courage to try a lace weight Shetland style shawl. I started a circular shawl a few years ago with a cone of boysenberry colored lace weight yarn. Since it has sat untouched for a couple years, I may frog that and begin anew.

And speaking of frogging, I found half of a fair isle sock that I began in 2011. I finally faced up to the fact that color work is not my thing.

Relentlessly I took out the needles and started ripping back. I gained four needles, a skein of white Sockrates alpaca sock yarn, and some lovely tonal dark blue mystery sock yarn. And a nifty knitting basket is freed up again.

I now feel free to cast on some socks soon.


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