Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Did I Leave You Hanging?

I think I did with that last post.  I was once gain having problems posting.  Not sure if it is Internet Explorer problem or Blogger.  But I finally got it posted and didn't want to chance adding anything more.
I mentioned yet another new project. 
It is similar to the previous, Cotton Candy shawl.  Again it is knit side to side with applied lace.  I found the left over handspun alpaca left over from Levi's baby cardigan.  Snd a different lace pattern.
 This time the lace is from a great book:  Traditionald Knitted Lace Shawls, by Martha Waterman.  I love that book, it is a book that gives you the general ideas and then tells you to go forth and knit.
So I did.  If anything, I like this more than my cotton one.  But, dang, I've already promised this, and since I mentioned to my sister-in-law, (the future mother-in-law) I guess I'll have to give it up next month at the bridal shower.
And after starting this late Friday, I am close to half way already.  Its going to be a quick knit.  Then I can go back to mine, and the huge needle jacket for Betty. 27ll nt

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