Sunday, May 22, 2011

Felting, Part 2

 Ok, where did I leave off? 
Oh yeah.  With the Mad Hatter look. 
The needle felted fiber, is gently pulled from the foam form.  It is still in a rather gentle state.  Into the sink it went, after first placing an inflated ball into it.  Then we soaked and rubbed and soaked and rubbed and turned and rubbed and soaked.  And etc.  Until it felt like it was, well, felt.
Then we rinsed off the soap and sqeezed most of the water out.  And tried it on.
Hmmm.  Maybe it's not quite ready yet.

I feel like I'm channeling Sunbonnet Sue.  Or maybe Strawberry Shortcake.  Am I dating myself?
I don't want to push my luck with the trouble Blogger has been causing.  Tomorrow the finished project.

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