Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Still Around

I guess I haven't been posting much lately.  But I have been knitting, just not taking pictures.
After a couple false starts with the light piney green jacket for Betty, I finally have a handle on it.  The recommended cast on wasn't working for me.  It actually raveled up!  I never heard of such a thing!  Perhaps it had something to do with the way my stitches sit on the needle with the back leg forward.  (That is because of my funny way of knitting--AKA the Improved Allen Cousin Method of knitting.) (Maybe I'll post about it sometime.)
Anyway, I switched to long tail cast on and am ribbing away just fine.  I had to go down a needle size as I mentioned before.  It is a bit loose, but I think when washed the yarn may bloom and fill the spaces.
I will try to get a couple pictures soon.
I also have been working on my Pentecost red cormo/silk shawl.  I don't think I am going to make it.  (Just when is Pentecost this year, anyway?  Those floating dates always get me.
When I measure from the middle back edge to the needle, which is about half the wingspan, it measures almost 24 inches, unstretched.  I would like to have at least 30 on each half, so when blocked it will be closer to 70 or more.  Does not look like it will be happening by Pentecost, since the rows are getting longer and longer.  I only got about 10 rows all weekend on that, besides my other items.
And hey, there are always the socks--3 pair in progress.

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