Friday, May 6, 2011

We Have Sleeve Stubs

Well, what else can I call them?  They aren't real sleeves yet, but I have divided the body from the sleeves and set aside the sleeve stitches for a little later.  And frankly I am quite impressed with how much I have gotten done on the Duchess of Cambridge cardigan in the past week.
Just look.
 I know the front doesn't meet, but there is are stitches picked up all along the fronts and neck and the collar is knit from there.  I am qute happy with the progress recently on this.
I think I will do the sleeves after an inch or two more on the body, because sleeves are easier when the sweater isn't as heavy.  Of course though, this is a Featherweight.  How heavy can it get?
Since I will be putting this aside in the next few days to work on Bettys jacket, as well as my pentecost red shawl, I have time to think whether I want to put a ribbed hem and facing, or if I want it curly stockinette, or if I want to use seed or lace or something that won't curl. 
Decisions, Decisions.

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