Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Felting I Did Go.

Ok, I'll try this again. I had this all typed and ready to post, but then it wouldn't save or post. This was nearly midnight last night. So I decided to retreat and try again with this picture rich posting.
Friday afternoon I paid a visit to one of my wonderful fiber friends, Evelyn. She had offered to help me make a felted hat, using plain old wool top.
So, with a large handfull of Ruby merino combed top and a bit of pale pink, and a huge pice of foam, I started layering wool on the form. You can see next to the form my 6 needle holder that I used to needle felt it together.

After much poking and punching, I had the form fully covered.  Looks like a giant wool drum.

After taking it off the form, turning and patching thin spots that resulted from my own uneven layering of wool, I had this.  I also took som small pieces of the pale pink merino top to add a few squiggles of decorations.

I can just see the Mad Hatter wearing this. However it was for me. But there was still a lot of work to do.
And since, for some reason, Blogger doesn't seem to save more than this today, the rest of the story to follow.
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