Monday, May 30, 2011

Large Needle Anguish

Over the long weekend, I had plans for much kniting.  I was loving the new Cotton Candy sideways shawl and didn't want to stop.  I also worked on the green jacket for Betty with the alpaca silk blend. 

After this picture, I did the armhole shaping on both sides of the back and am zipping along up the back to the neck shaping.  However, the large needles were driving me crazy.  The stockinette on this is size 13.  Anything larger than size 9 very soon starts feeling awkward. I am so fickle! I had to spend some time on my Contton Candy Shawl.  Which, by the way has grown nicely and I love dearly.  Here it is with the one side folded back.

And here is a close up of the lace.  Simple garter stitch with applied lace as I knit. 

And then I had a brain storm. I needed a present for my nephews soon to be wife's bridal shower.  And this was going so fast, I decided to start another project for her. Thats right.  Another new project.  I'm such a wuss, when it comes to something new.

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