Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Life On The Farm

In the midst of the heat and humidity (Ugh!) this last weekend life on the farm continues. After the last electric bill with AC on it last year, Hubby declared a cooling moratorium. At least on running it day and night. We have snuck in a couple hours here and there, but not much, and without it, the house won't cool down. (I'm ready for winter. Really!)
Hubby has been thrilled that all our potatoes came up this year.  After a huge crop a couple years ago, most rotted in the ground last year. This year, every little orange stake has a nice plant already flourishing next to it.
While getting flowers for Memorial Day, we also got our batch of tomato plants. I managed to keep him down to only 4 little 4-packs this year. Two boxes of Big Boys, one of Better Boys, and one of Sweet 100's. I am looking forward to those. They grow along a little stem, all in a line that should make them easier to pick. I love to get a handfull and eat right in the garden. Yum.
Hubby has a new way of planting them since his bulb planter broke a year or so ago. He has an ice auger attachment for his drill. It is made for ice fishermen to drill holes. He uses it to drill out his holes for the tomatoes and such. You have to admire the resorcefullness of farmers.
Life also continues in the barn. Hubby has been filling all the pens with small steers. And then complains about the milk replacer he has to haul out there. He also got a cute little red Holstein bull that is residing in the chicken coop. We had to rebuild the screen door, but now he is safe in sound in there. Younger Son's boss sold him to Hubby and may just decide to buy him back after he gets some more growth on him.
And finally our first calf heifer decided to have her calf.  Late Monday, she seemed to be in labor so he shut her in the barn.  Otherwise it is hard to watch them, and to find the calf later. Lucky that he did. About 3:30 AM, he woke up Younger Son to help pull the calf. She had been laboring for quite a while with not much progress, and was coming breech. They got the little gal out, a cute dark red whiteface Simmetal/Herford cross. And all seems well with mother and daughter.
Ahhh, life on the farm. Never a dull moment.
And it has finally cooled off!! No rain either, it split north and south of us. Just took the humidity away.
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