Friday, April 30, 2010

Lots of Knitting--No Knitting Pictures

I have done quite well with my Rayon Shoulder Shawl from Victorian Lace. After marking the stitch counts on the longer plain knit sections I am doing much better. However, it still goes back in the basket when Hubby is in the house and not sleeping. Luckily, he naps long and often!
I think I have about 4 or 5 of the 10 row pattern repeats done, and each one adds another 12 stitches repeat of the cherry leaf design. So I am progressing nicely.
As a result of the times Hubby is in the house and talking to me, I have also done a lot of wook on my second sock out of the wool bamboo mix Serenity yarn. I like it, and even though I made the leg rather long, I had oodles of yarn left. I am just a few rows of starting the heel flap on that sock.
I also started a stealth pair, sort of. I haven't blogged about them, but that pair was my" traveling" socks. I work on them at odd times at work and when I have to be the designated second adult in the children's Sunday School class. I am still on the first sock, but during one stint in the children's class managed to finish the flap, turn the heel and pick up the gusset stitches. That pair is in one of my fuzzy favorite singles sock yarn--Mini Mochi and the colors are blues and green. That yarn is very difficult to match stripes exactly, but come out what I call "close enough."
Also with reach of my "Knitting Chair", where I knit, blog and watch TV is my Homespun Raglan Yoke sweater. I am using that for carrying to Knit Nite, and occasionally pick that up at home too. I believe I only have about three inches left on the body and I can start the sleeves.
Well, I did come up with this picture from Knit Nite. Some snowbirds are back. Here Sandy has been helping Mary with her socks. I told Mary that when the socks are done I would help her with a sweater. I did warn her I am not as available as Sandy is for extra help.

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