Friday, April 16, 2010

Pink Fluffy Blob

I haven't posted because I am still plugging along on the Pink Fluffy Blob. I have no new pictures because it doesn't seem like I have made much progress.
Partly, I suppose that is because I have been rolling up the bottom and tying it into a plastic grocery bag, to keep it from getting dirty or tangled in the working yarn. You know how clingy mohair can be! I think the shawl is between 4 and 5 feet, I need to unfurl it and measure it again.
When I need a break from mohair, I have worked on a couple socks. On is the second of a pair, I just finished the ribbing, so will turn to that more often. The other I just turned the heel on and am zipping away on that. It is a little more portable than the other pair, so may get done first, even if it is the backup pair.
Of course, my fickle mind also keeps jumping to additional projects, forgetting about the purple handspun yoke raglan that is waiting for me as well.
And did I mention I unearthed a black mohair shawl that I started in maybe 2006 or earlier? That is definitely daytime knitting, and most definitely not for travel knitting.

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