Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frankie and Joni go to a Show

Once upon a time, a little girl bunny named Joni and a little boy bunny named Frankie went to a rabbit show. Their owner plopped them in their divided travel cage and off they went.
Both bunnies put up with their owners craziness and managed to have a good time. Frankie found out that he wasn't a plain old blue or even an agouti colored rabbit. He was a "blue otter" and as such, a fairly rare color pattern. His judging group only had one entry--Frankie--entered in both shows, so blue otter Frankie got two blue ribbons.
Broken blue Joni, even though she does had a Leg from a previous show, came in 3 out of 5 in her divisions. Not bad though considering the last time her owner showed rabbits they were both disqualified. (Ahem. I might add that one of those same rabbits, Christine's Cisco was placed as best over-all Jersey Wooly at this show, with Christine showing.)
For the bunnies however, the highlight was when their owner opened up the cage to take pictures.

Hey, there good looking! Want some company?

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