Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finished Fluff

I have had quite a week. And here is part of the reason why.
I finished the Big Pink Ball of Fluff. I got it off the needles and finally hemmed the last end. The above is the beginning hemmed edge. It turned out better. I delivered it to Eveyln today and she will block and stretch and hopefully make it all turn out right. I picked up a skeing of the same mohair, in a bright true blue as payment for this one.
It was hard to keep track of how long it was, as I kept it under wraps while knitting. I didn't want the mohair to pick up "debris" so I rolled up the end and tied a plastic bag over it. I remember seeing that Orenberg Shawls were tied up to keep them clean, so I did that and added the bag.
Below is the next shawl I am making for her. Or at least the yarn. It is a rayon blend and I am making the Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf pattern, out of Victorian Lace Today. It looks like a fairly simple pattern.
Except for the crochet part, that is. Not looking forward to that.
Don't you love the color? It is a single, which I always love working with.
Ahd this is what I am getting paid with for this shawl: Brown Sheep, handpaint, mohair/wool blend, white gray pink. 880 yards.

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Kate said...

OK, so I finally got to sit and look at The Pink Fluff. Love it. I can't wait to see what the colorway for the Victorian book looks like. I am a big fan of those saturated colors.