Monday, April 5, 2010

Attack of the Pink Fluff Ball

I had a weak moment the other day.
My friend Evelyn called pleading with me to knit a shawl on consignment. She was supposed to knit one for another friend who dyes and sells mohair. She had promised to knit this for Betty and her Mohair in Motion business. (Betty doesn't have a website that I can find, but she is a frequent vendor at regional fiber festivals.) Since Evelyn opened her store she has been a little swamped and desperate for knitting time.
After she groveled a little, I let her talk me into it. After all, I can get paid with more yarn! After a slight glitch with the pattern we got the "yarn overs" and "k2togs" to balance. I added a 6 stitch lace border with another 3 garter stitches at each end of the feather and fan repeats. And with the large needles, you end up with lacy pink fluff.
This is after my Saturday/Sunday knitting; you can see the feather and fan developing. It is so different from my usual smallish needle knitting-- this is on size 15 KnitPick Options.
Oh well, my sweater was getting very hot on my lap. I'll need to wait for either cooler weather, or AC weather to go back to that full time.
And no Sandy, it's not for sale. It is a display model.

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