Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NASCAR Withdrawal

Gloom. Despair. Agony!
I have not been able to catch a full race for over a month now, since Bristol!
It all comes down to spring rains. First off, a race got postponed till Monday. I worked until after it started, but then when I was heading in the car to Spinning Guild, I forgot to change the radio so I could at least listen to part of it.
The next week was Easter and I took that week off by gritting my teeth and watching the Nationwide race. I like them ok, but since Mark Martin isn't in them, they just don't get my blood boiling the same way.
Then the weekend, I hustled home from church ready to feed my farm men and settle in with a good race in Phoenix. That's when I found out the reason the Nationwide race was Friday night, was because the Sprint series race was on Saturday night. I had been out of town all day and hadn't seen any of the pre-race shows to clue me in and so there went another week without my man Mark.
Then Sunday, I knew I was in trouble when I came home from church, turned on Speed, and they were holding umbrellas. I watched the anchors on Speed and Fox try to keep the interest up. Finally I started playing leapfrog with the remote. DIY channel, then Fox, and back. Finally since Fox started showing other programming I figured it was futile.
By the time I heard the race was postponed I was in starting to get twitchy. It was starting to be as bad as the off season!
Yesterday I did listen on my way to spinning again. But the race was only half way. I hoped the post race wrap up would still be on when I got back to the car. However--one of the people who work in the building where we meet, came and turned on the tv after "The Big One" with 17 to go.
(Sign of contentment). I did get to watch the end of the race. And even if Mark didn't win, he is back in the top 12 in standings.
If it rains at Tallegada, I may not go to Spinning on Monday.
Just saying.

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