Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Review--Sweater Quest

The subtitle of the book Sweater Quest is "My Year of Knitting Dangerously". It is an enjoyable trek through one year of the author's life (Adrienne Martini) as she sets herself a goal to knit a Fair Isle sweater.
And not just any sweater. She chooses a pattern in an out of print book, calling for out of production yarn, by a designer (Alice Starmore) who Adrienne portrays as having a reputation of suing anyone who makes any little change in her designs, including changing the yarn. She follows her dream and also during the course of the year talks to many well known members of knitting royalty (Mason Dixon Knitters, and the Yarn Harlot for two.) She even talks to a local knitter/dyer who I have met and taken a class from, Rita Petteys of Yarn Hollow!
All in all, I do recommend the book. I enjoyed reading it immensely, at least until the final chapter or two when she felt it necessary to inject her politics into it. But aside from that, a great read.
I was inspired by the book, and ready to set myself another knitting challenge. After all, I survived last years self challenge, to knit and steek (EEK!) a sweater. Maybe this time I will try Fair Isle. After all I do have my own Alice Starmore book. But I think, instead, I will start small.
Fair Isle Mittens anyone?

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