Thursday, November 6, 2008

*Warning--Political Content* Read At Your Own Risk

I don't like to stir up controversy.  Hence the disclaimer.
As a result of the election, I have been in mourning for the past couple days.  It surprises me how distressed I have been at the outcome of this year's election.  Heaven knows that many of my previous votes have often been for the loosing candidate.
This time, I think instead of resignation, I have a deep sense of fear about the future.  Fear for my pocketbook. Fear for the economy, Fear of terrorist attacking our country.  Fear for the changes in attitudes and morals.
When Bill Clinton won a second term I was embarrassed.  What were all those people thinking? (And I credit/blame him for a cheapening of morals and honesty.) 
This time, I just don't know.  I do blame the press for being in the tank from day one for one candidate and just browbeating the other.  But most of the sleazy connections and background info was still available.  How can people trust him? 
It looks like a scary time in store for us.  
Only upside.  Younger Son went to the poll at the same time I did and cast his first ballot.  He was quite excited.  And quite bummed at 11:05 when he called to see if I had heard the outcome.  He has been interested in the process, which surprised me and I home he continues to take an active interest.

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