Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hard at Work

I have been busy knitting in the last few days. 
I started and finished the helmet liner for my favorite Lieutenant nephew in regulation colors of black and green wool. It fits me and I think it will be ok.  I will have pictures soon.
I also started and am up the the armpits on a cardigan for my favorite great nephew.  Ok, there is only one great-nephew, but you know what I mean.  It is using Encore Colorspun and coming up with great stripes.  My cardigan is still on snooze for the time being but hope to back at it soon for a bit before I start a baby surprise jacket--also for the afore mentioned favorite great nephew.  I have been wanting to try it, but was afraid I wouldn't know how to seam it after I knit it.  But one of the gals at Knit Club is making one, so maybe she can help.
I have amost finished Gertrude, the duct-tape dress form.  Currently she is riding in the trunk of the car .  I need to add a bit more fiberfill and then cut some cardboard to fit the bottom and she will be done.  I am worried about the weight on the hanger, so I may need to try to wriggle in a new heaver one before I seal her up.  Again, pictures will be forthcoming. 
Oh, did I mention that we finally had some snow last weekend?  Not much, but at least it we had some accumulation.  At last.

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