Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday Fiber Fix

Some Friends up north were having a Fiber day, spinning and knitting. Jane ended up being unable to attend, having been struck with a virus or something that left her deathly ill. I
went and had a great time. There were two of the gals who just bought new wheels from the store who attended, and spun up a storm. We also played around in the bags of wool. One of them even came home with me.
I have been having fun playing with my new camera, so here are a couple more shots from the event.

Out of respect for Angie, I will not show her picture. But Sheila was working on a Wallaby out of left over home spun. Kathy was spining some beautiful yarn. Which bring me to my next two pictures. I am really pround of these. They were taken as Kathy spun at the same speed, but I used different settings on my camera. The motion picture is my favorite.

Isn't that flyer cool?

1 comment:

Angie J said...

Those photos turned out awesome!!!

And,,, to let people know if she'd had posted my picture it would've broken the camera. I'm one of the least photo friendly people ever. In other words I'm much better in person than on film LOL.

IT was a blast and Linda, thanks again for coming up.

P.s. The library has that red stuff hostage