Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gift Knitting

Reality hit and I realized I only have a month to get Brett's helmet liner to him. He said he will be home for Thanksgiving and only for 2 days. So on Thursday evening I cast on for his helmet liner. I have some black/dark green twist wool, (Cascade 220) that was purchased for this purpose several years ago. I had to bump up one size of needles but it is on gauge and should be ok. When I take it over, I will have his dad (aka Favorite Brother) try it on. Here are some pictures of it so far.

The color is much darker than the second picture, probably closer to the first picture, except the black/green color doesn't really show up.

Then when I finishe this, I have to make a cardigan for my great nephew. I have imposed a deadline of Christmas for that, so my cardigan is taking a bit of a snooze right now.

I have also been spinning lately. I finished half of my September Spunky Club roving that is blue/green/purple. It filled one bobbin and I should have enought for another bobbin to ply together. I also bought a pound of dark read islandic roving the other day. It was a black/grey fleece that was overdyed red and has a very rich tone to it. I couldn't wait til the Spunky was done, so I started that last night. It looks like it will have a very fuzzy bloom and I am tentatively think of making a tam and possibly mittens for my black coat out of it. I didn't get a picture of the red, but here is a shot of my full bobbin of the other yarn.

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Angie J said...


I don't remember if this was for hunting or for someone in the Military, but here goes.

If it's for someone in the military there are color guidelines for the knitted helmet liners. If you do a search for helmet liner there should be a link with the colors come up.

If it's for a hunter, make it any color you wish. I personally love Orange (just cuz Sheila can't handle it LOL)