Sunday, November 23, 2008

Holiday Times

Time to start some Christmas shoppping. Plans are to visit the Outback Toys website to order some hoodies for both Older and Younger Son. They are totally into farm tees and sweatshirts. Of course shopping is curtailed this year, but no Christmas would be complete without some tractor related toy or article of clothing. Outback doesn't have may John Deere items, but since Older Son's boss mostly has Case IH, this website has just what I need.
I will probably be getting the turkey out to start thawing tomorrow. Younger Son informed me that he will be going to his buddy/boss/landlord's family's home for Thanksgiving. He told me earlier this year that since he is living with Henry he is considered part of his family. So he is going to their family dinner. Since he has to milk that day anyway, I can make a late dinner and possibly he can come later. Oldest Son says he will be combining that day. If he can't get anyone else to work that day (and why would they unless they never take time off--like him) he will have to fill all 5 semi's himself. Maybe I can get him to stop by with bribery--he likes stuffing more than I do.

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