Monday, November 3, 2008

Denial, Not Just a River Somewhere

That's right, I was in denial. Last Tuesday I calculated the math for the raglan decreases and for the neck decreases. I thought, "My, that would take an awful lot of rows, but the math looks good. So I merrily knit along for 1 1/2 inches (mind you, in DK weight yarn, enough to circle my volumptious bode at above the joined sleeves, so over 500 stitches). Finally I calculated again, and took out a measureing tape yesterday.

Hmmmm, 22 inches. Not good. EZ says it is always about 10 -11 inches for most people. I'm big, but not that big! Can you say Rip-It?

So I recalculated and ended up ripping back to just past the first decrease row. Those interchangable needles area great for this, especially since I have a extra long cable. I put on a tip 3 sizes smaller and then picked up the stitches as a lifeline. I ripped back to that with no problem. Now I am decreasing at twice the rate as before and it looks much better.

On another note, Sadie and I spent some quality time tonight. Lots of combing and she looks quite spiffy.

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