Friday, November 14, 2008

Knitting Pictures

As I try to type this and watch the NASCAR truck race (come on Johnny Benson!!) I want to show the progress on my various projects. And also try to make a minimum of spelling errors. I have made at least 5 corrections so far.

I finished the helmet liner for my favorite Lieutenant. Don't I make a fashion statement? But I do think it will be ok. It isn't very heavy but the wool is nice and warm. I hope he likes it.

Then I also started the cardigan I promised my great nephew. I am using Encore Colorspun in a color that the Patternworks cataloge called Carribean, even though the lable does not have a name on the color. I am using an Anne Norling pattern and instead of ribbing am using a seed stitch for bottom, cuffs, and button bands. I have one sleeve done and am up to the armpits on the body. I also did the button band in one piece with the body, so I hope that works ok.

Race update. Johnny only has a few laps but does not appear to have the tires to win. Nine laps but he didn't get new tires like Hornaday. He is leading points now, but Yikes, it could go either way now.

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