Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Tour de Fleece 2008

I spent some time working on my challenge for the 2008 Tour de Fleece. It is a spinning challenge to set a goal to accomplish during the time of the Tour de France. I had a 2 lb bag of light gray shetland that I started some time ago, probably over a year now. I had done maybe half of it. I have set myself the goal to finish the entire bag by July 27. I dug out the Ashford Joy on Saturday, and between Saturday and Sunday finished the last quarter of my second bobbin and plied it off on my Louet S17. I got about 200 yards or so off of those two bobbins and am ready to go for the yellow jersy. Tonight is knit/spin night at my LYS and I plan to weigh the bag to see just how much is left. If I run out of this bag....well, besides the stash at home, I also have a trunk full of wool to work on.
The yarn seems to be about a DK or sport weight. I haven't used my WPI tool, just compared to other yarn.
One thing I have discovered, now that my house is minus a couple farm boys. I get drafted into farm wife chores more often. So far, in the past week, I have helped restrain calves for de-horning, and help clean some of the willows out of the ditch. I remain firm however in my stance to not clean pens.

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