Monday, July 14, 2008

Bunny Walk

I took Mocha for a walk yesterday. It was cool enough to handle him so I gave it another try. The first try last week went well. I left the harness on him over night so I wasn't getting him upset putting it on over his head. When I went out to feed him the next morning--He had chewed right through it. Needless to say, I won't leave it on him.
I did find one on sale through the Dr Foster and Smith (I think it is) website. I am waiting for that to come, but last night put my farm dog Gilbert's harness on and leash. It went fairly well until someone came who needed to use the phone. When Hubby got my cell from the kitchen, he also let Gilbert outside. Between his barking at Mocha and at the people who needed to make the phone call, poor little Mocha was totally traumatized. Back in the cage he went, but he does seem to have recovered nicely.
Maybe those Angora Girls of Jane's wont feel so smug. Mocha may not get to hop around the kitchen, but he does seem to enjoy a walk in the grass now and then.

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Angie J said...

haha, I forgot to warn you he loves to chew on anything and everything. All bunnies do, but he and radar did it the most. I've a sweatshirt that radar bit a hole in and I call it my easter sweatshirt now.