Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Tour is Over.

My ride on the Tour de Fleece is done. I finished plying the last of my singles from my light gray Shetland, a total of 6 large skeins with a little left over that I plied on my drop spindle. I never really thought I would be able to finish the bag during the allotted time. But I made it.
Of course there was practically no knitting done in the past 3 weeks. So I will be backing my knitting, the socks or maybe the shapely tee to work on during the ride to Charlevoix this weekend. There is a fiber festival up there that I and a fellow member of the Michigan Spinners group are going to. A long ride with lots of time to knit along the way. Along with a little bit of time to spin with the drop spindle too.
Fun times.

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