Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy Saturday

With only 2 weeks left until Younger Son's graduation party. I finished the invitations and need to go to town to make copies and get them in the mail. If Hubby comes back soon from getting work done on his truck, I hope to go yet this afternoon.

I have been getting a lot done on the shapely tee sweater. I managed to take a picture, but I like taking them outside. This picture was taken on the trunk of the car because when I took it on Wednesday, everything else was damp from the rain the night before. It looks a little funky, but at least you can see the length I have gotten to. Actually it is much farther and I am on the increases after the wast shaping.

I want to join the Tour de Fleece, a spinning challange. I wanted to work on getting my light gray shetland all spun, and planned on getting a good start while spinning and the Grand Opening for a friends craft store. Unfortunately, my friend Jane and I were going together. She forgot she had to work today and then got sick last night anyway. I couldn't afford to got by myself, now that I am down to just a half time job. I will have to try to join late and still entered into the challenge.

Later today Hubby wants me to help cut willows from the ditch between the hay fields. It does work better with one to cut and another to stack. I maybe should just go to get my copies made and work on address for invitations.

See ya later.

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