Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tour de Fleece Update

Got about a 3rd of a bobbin of light gray shetland spun up at knit night last night.  Since I have a meeting tonight, I probably will fall behind some.  Hopefully the meeting won't be too long at church.  Before I started spinning last night I weighed the roving I had left.  Out of the original 2 lbs, I still have 13.8 ounces.  (Please don't ask me to convert to grams!)  So before the tour started, I probably was a little over half done with the 2 lb bag.  I still think this goal may be doable.  Especially since I plan to spend time spinning every evening on it.  With Friday morning spinning group and spinning outside the former yarn shop/guilde building 2 days next week during the Baby Food Festival, I should have lots of time to whittle away at it. 
I will loose a full day just before the end, if a group of us decide to go to the Fiber Festival in Charlevoix.  Maybe I can clear off one of the drop spindles and spin in the van, if need be, when I don't have to take a shift driving. 
Other news--both sons came by last night to spend more time clearing out their old room.  They need to get out everything they want to keep so that Hubby and his brother can re-do the ceiling in there.  Important things first, Older son basically ignored clothes but packed away 2 boxes of Ertl toys. For the uninitated, these are scale models of tractors and other farm implements that no farm boy can do without.  These probably represent 20 years of birthdays and Christmas presents--over and above his own purchases.  Younger Son basically sorted and through out old clothes and assorted other discard items.   They may just get it cleared out yet. 
And when Hubby is done--Craft Room.

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