Monday, July 14, 2008

Spinning for the Tour

I mentioned before that I was taking up the challenge for the Tour de Fleece. So far, I finished the last third or so of a bobbin and plied it with another that was already spun. I have also completely spun another bobbin and hope to have another ready to ply with it later this evening. I need to empty the bobbins so I can work on them again tomorrow afternoon. Here are some pictures of my progress, I am holding the bobbin I need to finish tonight so I can still ply it tonight. The flyer is from my Ashford Joy that I am using to spin this up with.

I should have plenty of time. There is a good Marx Brothers movie on Turner Classic Movies channel tonight: A Night at the Opera. I never knew that Kitty Carlisle did anything but appear on 60's game shows and marry some playwright. But she is the love interest in this moving so I can't wait to see it. It never sunk in last time I saw it that she was in it. Those who are young whippersnappers probably have no idea who I am talking about. so just disregard this last paragraph.
Any way, you can see I don't have much more to do to finish that bobbin. Here is the fleece I have left to spin up, not a lot--it weighed up at 13.8 ounces last week before I started the above bobbin. (I think, maybe it was before the other bobbin...the old brain cells ain't what they used to be after all.) I figure about 2 or 3 more bobbins to go. If I end up with an odd number of bobbins, I may have to ply off my plying tool. Hopefully I can manage without tangling it too badly. My tendency to over-spin evens out in the plying process, but if I have to wind it on a plying tool or into a ball, I still have to have some patience with it.

Anyway, here is a final picture. It shows wool, bobbins and the two skeins I plied last week. Piled all together, it does still look like a challenge. I still think it looks do-able since I have almost 2 weeks left.

I also did some shopping today. I needed to get a cooler for the refreshments for Younger Son's graduation party this Saturday. Probably not much spinning the end of this week because of that. I need to go shopping again Friday with Sandy. She had a reception last year so since I have never done a party at all, she is going to help me know what to buy. I hope he realizes this party will probably replace a birthday present.

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